Arkhosia refers generally to the group of islands in northern Avalla. These include the main island of Arkhosia, the rocky shores of Hoventon, and the urban sprawl island of Sigil. This also includes the coastal land of Auldytha. Arkhosia is the ancestral home to the humans as well as the dragonborn and halflings, however now that Arkhosia is a world power, many different kinds of folk populate its districts.

Lore of Arkhosia

The Two Tribes of Avalla

The humans of Arkhosia and Auldytha represented two rival tribes. For centuries, ties between the two were rocky at best, and violent at worst. Peace has always been rocky, with both countries never being more amiable than having a cease-fire during the best of times. They have had several notable wars throughout the ages, including the War of 80 Years, The War of the Magi, The Rye Wars, and the War of the Unbending King.

During the latter of the wars, the king of Auldytha, Boros Dantagar, finally made the ruler of Arkhosia, King Vlarkho II, understand his position by hostaging his heirs to the throne in his capital city. Not wanting to risk another war, King Vlarkho II relented. This brokered the longest peace between the two countries, a peace that lasted hundreds of years. It lasted until Prince Drokko, named The Stormbringer by the smallfolk, began Arkhosia’s slow and steady rise to colonialism, by first taking Auldytha. The war was quick, for the Stormbringer knew powerful magic that was frightfully old and terrifically powerful.

Settlements and Features


Drakkenfort is the capital of the Arkhosian Empire, and claims to be the most secure city in the Known World. The entire city is ringed in a double-walled perimeter of thick stone with concentric moats. This turns the city of 4,000 into one enormous castle. Defending the city are the renowned Golden Scales; dragonborn warriors bread especially for the task of defending Drakkenfort. They are fierce warriors who are trained from birth in how to best kill an enemy. They are used as the royal guard, and are with the imperial family all day, every day.


The main port city for Arkhosia, Portsmouth is the third busiest port in the empire, and is also where the massive Imperial Fleet anchors; both the naval armada and the airship armada. Because it is the docking site of the Fleet, it is also protected by a joint force of Golden Scales and Arkhosian military.

Plots and Adventure Sites

The Dragon’s Tooth is a huge mountain in northern Arkhosia where it is said wyverns still take flight. The forest around the mountain, the Drakewood, is well-known and mapped, but many dangers can be found there in the form of roving direwolf packs and kobolds who refuse to leave the island because they are awaiting the second coming of the Great Dragons.

Drakkenfort is constantly packed with elected officials, nobility, and foreigners of high and low birth. Vast amounts of intrigue occur on senate floors, bar-rooms, and back-alleys. It isn’t difficult to stumble upon secret dealings or assassination plots in the teeming streets.

The Arkhosian Empire

After the fall of Auldytha, soon fell Hoventon and Sigil, both of which were taken by words rather than swords. The empire continued to expand until soon the majority of the Avallan continent was under Arkhosian control. Their control eventually expanded east, past the Veiled Mountains, and into Montos.

After Montos was taken for the Empire, they turned their eyes towards Sahelia, where they won little traction. The inhabitants were not kind to their would-be oppressors, and it was a long time until sizable tracts of land were under Arkhosian control.

Most recently, a bloody war was fought on the Undren Ithsmus for control of Sha’lar, the drow homeland. The war lasted eleven years, but eventually Menzoberranzan, the drow capital, fell. Today, the Empire stands as the strongest empire in the Known World, challeneged only by the Celestials and their massive archipelago.

The Empire has major holdings on all the Known continents, and have beneficial treaties with the dwarven kingdom and with the elves of the Birelands. Their relationship with Celestia is summed up best with the non-aggression pact the two have signed. The two sides promise to not wage war upon the other so long as neither side infringes upon the sovereign territory of the other. While the two sides are not overtly attacking one another, there is a large amount of spycraft between the two. The Arkhosian empire can be sure that all the ambassadors the celestials have sent them are spies, as all the ambassadors they have sent to Celestia are spying on them as well.


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