Wealth and Credit

Some characters have massive wealth represented with their family name, but do not regularly walk around with all that wealth on them. Most civilized areas recognize the various banking organizations that exist throughout the world, and will recognize a player’s wealth, allowing them to buy things on credit.

Some characters will have a Wealth modifier that represents their credit line, their owned property, and anything else that speaks to their liquidity. These characters will usually be those from a Nobles or Gentleman’s game; rarely will the riff-raff have any wealth.


Your wealth modifier corresponds with what level item you will be able to acquire without much difficulty. If your wealth total is 3, for example, you would be able to easily purchase items level three or less.

There are some item dispositions that increase the level of the item in terms of purchase level.

If the Item is…

Common: +0
Uncommon: +1
Rare: +2
Magic: Add twice the enhancement bonus.

Example: A Magic, +1 Rare Sword, level 3 would have a purchase level of 7. A non-magical, uncommon gun of level 3 would have a purchase level of 4.

Using Wealth to Purchase Items

While you may easily purchase an item of your wealth level or lower, it can temporarily deplete your wealth level.

Wealth Modifications
Item level Effect Duration
Lower Level None ---
Same Level -1 Wealth Until next extended Rest
One level higher -1 Wealth Until next milestone
Two levels higher -2 Wealth Until next level

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