An Uncomplete Listing of Various Societies, both Locally and World-Wide

The Center for the Advanced Study of Metaphysical Phenomena and Occult Practices

The Center, as it is known, is an academy that was established with the idea to study all knowledge related to the arcane. Arcane power has dwindled in the world for the past thousand years, and now the arcane powers are rare indeed. The Center has the largest gathering in any one spot in the known world of magisters and magic items. Cadets who join the Center usually join with the idea of becomming wizards or artificers; the former studying arcane tomes for great secrets and spellcraft, and the former studying the laws of the alchemical sciences, which are deeply rooted in the arcane. The Center also is home to those rare few who were born with the arcane gift, such as sorcerers, or those who have come upon arcane powers seeminly at random, such as bards or the dreaded warlocks.

The Church of Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon

The Church has been designated as the State Religion, as of the beginning of the war in Sha’lar. The Church is fairly intolerant of other belief systems, and is quite dogmatic, as well as very military-minded.

The Temple of Io, the Dragon of Many Forms

It is the belief of worshippers of Io that Io, when split, became the many various gods that are worshipped across the world. To those who believe, Corellon, Melora, Moradin, Pelor, Kord, and others, are all different aspects of Io. The Temple was the official state religion until those who worshipped Bahamut strengthened in numbers and fanaticism.

The Gentleman’s Adventuring Society

There have been a few adventuring clubs to start up, but none has recieved the fame or infamy that the Gentleman’s Adventuring Society has. The Society is a place for those who are of an adventuring spirit (and landed birth) to get together and go on adventures of renown together. To join the society you must be of the upper crust of society, as well as a gentleman. Otherwise to gain entry you must be sponsored by someone who will pay your entry dues, and be vouched for by two current members.

People’s Commonwealth for Peace

There are some that are opposed to the Ashkonian Empire’s expansion into foreign lands, and they have formed a group that is reviled by polite society. They believe that it is not the right of the Ashkonian Empire to create order in existing chaos by creating colonies out of foreign lands. The Commonwealth often protests outside of state buildings, and is extremely vocal in the current occupation of Sha’lar. The group is made mostly of commoners, but a few more noble people occaionsionally join, for misguided purposes.

Auldythan Liberation Front

A group of misguided, proud Auldythians, the ALF is listed as an enemy and terrorist organization by the Arkhosian Government. The ALF believe that they have been under the oppressive rule of the Dragons for far too long, and that they must throw of the chains of bondage and be free. Freeing oneself from the bonds of servitude is none too easy, however, so the ALF usually strikes in small ways; an assassination here, a bombing there, and the more coverage it gets the better.

The Suffragette’s Adventuring Society

Sassy’s, as their members are called, are women who wish to take up the mantle of exploration but are denied access to other elite adventuring societies. To bankroll their adventures and find a sense of unity in a male-dominated field, these women have founded an all-female group that hopes to level the playing field. They are now considered a sister organization of the Gentleman’s Adventuring Society.

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