Lore of Sha’lar

During the Age of Heroes, three great fey rulers led their factions in a civil war that nearly ripped apart Celestia. One of those rulers was Araushnee Lolth. Lolth was best at aquiring information, and knowing things before all others, and thus was dubbed the Queen of Spiders by her enemies; a monkier she quickly took up and empowered herself with. When the Civil War reached its peak, she was the last of the exiled rulers, leaving several decades after Corelleon began his march to the Sea. She settled in the Undren ithsmus, and with her followers she created Sha’lar.

Settlements and Features

The Undren ithsmus is a very hot, arid country, that is considered unsuitable for inahbiting by most people. The drow have learned to love it, however, and have adapted well to the inhospitable conditions. The majority of drow settlements are built as an iceberg; while you may see a portion of their alabaster walls gleaming in the sun, and their spires reaching towards the sky, the city more than triples in size once you go below the surface, where it is cool and where numerous underground springs allow for underground farms and societies.


The largest of the drow civilizations, Menzoberranzan is the political capitol of Sha’lar. It is also the first city that the drow founded, before they had realized it was possible to live a better life below ground. The above ground portions of the city all date back to being originally ruled over by Lolth directly herself, before she Ascended. It is one of the oldest still-active cities in the known world.

The capitol building of Menzoberranzan, the Great Spire, reaches 200ft into the air, made of polished sandstone. Midway, at the 100’ level, is the council chambers for the drow’s Queen Council. The Queen’s Thone is located at the top of the spire, so that she may look upon her kingdom in its completeness.


Sshamath is the holiest of the drow cities. It is said that Lolth Ascended into godhood while in Sshamath. The story goes that while touring the city for the first time, an angry dessenter, or possible agent of Corelleon or Oberon, hurled a long knife at her heart. The knife turned into a radiant shaft of light as it passed through her body, and imbedded itself into a sandstone wall behind her.

The knife has now become the holy impliment associated with most drow religious rites, and that wall has become the altar for the largest temple to Lolth in the world. Once Sha’lar began getting tourists from other countries into its land, they were permitted everywhere but Sshamath, which was closed to all but drow.

Plots and Adventure Sites


The Conquest of the Drow


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