social battle system

Sometimes the battlefield is a courtroom, and the weapons are your words. In these cases, the social battle system is used. It is framed much like a skill challenge, with a few differences.

General Rules of a Social Battle

Like any battle, initiative is first rolled for everyone who is taking part in the battle. After this, there are four types of rolls that can be made:

  • Insight
  • Diplomacy
  • Intimidate
  • Bluff

Instead of a standard check, each skill has five tactics assigned to it. To use these tactics, the person using them must declare what tactic they are using before attempting the roll. Some of these tactics made the check harder, but in return grant a greater chance of success or improve conditions for their side.

To determine how many successes and failures you have, you may roll an insight check with a moderate DC as a standard action. You may also use this skill to determine the disposition of the person you must convince.

Degrees of Success
If you are trained in a skill you have a higher chance of success. For every degree of success above the DC, you gain an additional success.

Degrees of Success
Check Result over the DC Number of Successes
0-6 One Success
7-12 Two Successes
13+ Three Successes

The baseline for any social battle is 4 successes before 2 failures, with a DC that changes depending on the standard DCs table. Depending on the disposition of the other party, the number of successes, failures, and the DCs themselves change.

Disposition Table
Disposition Successes/Failures DC DC modifier
Nervous -1 Success needed +1 all DCs
Friendly -1 Success needed -1 all DCs
Cooperative -1 success needed --
Uncooperative +1 success needed --
Hostile +2 successes needed +1 all DCs

If you are trained in a skill, you can do more than just make a simple check. Before making the check, you can declare the tactic you are using. Many of the tactics increase the DC modifier, making it more difficult, but each tactic gives an effect that can help yourself or your allies or dissuade your enemies.

Certain tactics do not allow you to garner degrees of success. Those that do will be listed as 1+ or 2+ mean that they get that amount of successes, and then additional ones based on the degree of success they garner.

Diplomacy Tactics
Name DC modifyer Effect Success
Diplomacy +0 Standard Check; may be made undtrained 1+
Elucidation +4 Make a well-reasoned statement, wowing them. 2
Axim +4 State a fact. Only once per encounter, but no failure if fail. 1
Rebuttal +4 Reaction; nullifies opponent's previous volley. 1
Consider +0 Make no volley to gain +2 defense. --

Bluff Tactics
Name DC modifyer Effect Success
Bluff +0 Standard check; may be made untrained. 1+
Equivocate +7 If you fail, gain 2 failures. 2+
Feint +7 Enemy makes an attack against their own defense. 1+
Obfuscate +4 Nullify the next volley made against you. --
Charm +4 Lower DCs by CHA modifyer until end of your next turn. 1

Intimidate tactics
Name DC modifyer Effect Success
Intimidate +0 Standard Check; may use untrained 1+
Incite +7 Goad enemy; -2 to next enemy attack. 1+
Taunt +7 Force enemy to attack; gain 2 successes if they fail. 2
Bully +4 -4 to enemy attack until end of next turn. --
Fulminate +7 Sunts opponent for one round. 1

social battle system

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