War Mage

War Mage

Power Source: Arcane
Secondary Role: Controller

Theme Benefits

Level 1 Benefit
You gain the Battlecaster Defense or Coordinated Explosion feat as a bonus feat.

Level 5 Benefit
+2 endurance, +1 fortitude.

Level 10 Benefit
Once a day, you may take an automatic instability failure to expand the size of a burst or blast by 2.

Optional Powers

Level 2:

Overreaching Spell
War Mage Utility 2
You overextend yourself to hit a distant target, opening your mind up to a brutal affliction.
EncounterArcane, Cosmic
Minor ActionPersonal
Effect: The next ranged or area spell you cast has its ranged doubled. In return, the next time you roll an instability check you take a -3 penalty to the roll.

Level 6:

Encroaching Augmentation
War Mage Utility 6
With effort you can target one additional creature with your spell.
EncounterArcane, Cosmic
Minor ActionPersonal
Effect: The next time you cast an attack spell, you may include one additional target within close burst 10 as a target of the attack. In return, the critical fail range for the spell becomes 1-5.

Level 10:

Overwhelming Power
War Mage Utility 10
You force your spell's power to its limit, fracturing your own mind as you do so.
DailyArcane, Cosmic
Minor ActionPersonal
Trigger: You hit with an attack
Effect: The attack is counted as being a critical hit for calculating damage, but not for triggering other abilities or powers. In return, you gain an automatic instability failure.

War Mage

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